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I am Alice Bibaud, a senior Computer Science (CS) student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), concentrating in Theory, Algorithms, and Mathematics. I am interested in the visualization and commercialization data, open source technologies, signal processing, and making computing more accessible and practical for all to use.

My academic and professional passions run broad and deep, and often add meaning to one another; my goal with this website is to show you some of them.
Summer '22 - Engineering Intern
- Fix issues, write documentation, and develop new features for Bolster’s back-end platform
- Update the company database with new information gleaned from clients and internet scanning to take down phishing and scamming websites, social media accounts, marketplaces, and dark web pages
- Typescript / JavaScript
- PostgreSQL
- Python
RCOS - Rensselaer Center for Open Source
Spring '22 - Present - Coordinator
- Determine the overarching direction of RCOS
- Plan and present lectures at each meeting
- Develop and maintain class infrastructure, including lecture slides and student data
- Oversee communications and additions to present and historical RCOS accounts and websites, including Telescope, Observatory, the database, Pollbuddy, and Venue
- Final grading at the end of each semester
- This Website
- RCOS Infastructure (the RCOS Website, Telescope, and the RCOS Handbook)
- Graf
- JavaScript
Summer '21 - Mentor
- Review project proposals at the start of the semester.
- Mentor a Small Group of projects and their members
- Grade Status Updates and Mid-Year Reviews for mentees
- Meet once a week with Small Groups to ensure your mentees are on their schedule OR have documented reasons to be off their schedule.
- Host at least one workshop session for the RCOS community
- Help point students to what they need to do/where they need to go within RCOS.
- In general, help maintain the freedom and culture of RCOS and encourage open source contribution.
- Graf
- Submitty Report
- Resume 101: How to Beat the Bots
- Multidimensional Geometry II; How to Build a Tessaract
Spring '21 - Mentor
Project: Porting open source applications to the IBM LinuxOne s390x architecture
Contribution Summary

- Jack Trip
- Multidimensional Geometry; Dimensions, Time, Why it's Cool, and New Shapes
Fall '20 - Student
Project: Submitty
Contribution Summary
Fall '21 - Software Research and Development (R&D) Intern
- Designed and implemented the User Interface and User Experience (UI/ UX) for NeuroMap, a proprietary research application using EMG sensors to map the motor unit action potentials (MUAPS) present in the movement of study subjects
- Refactored existing code to establish a modular, easily extendable class structure using principles of software
- Integrated all new features into the NeuroMap App API
- Modernized NeuroMap by porting the application from .NET Framework 4.8 to .NET Core 3.1
- Balsamiq wireframing software
- C# / XAML
- python
- Visual Studio
- .NET Core and Frameworks
Techniques, Methodologies, and Skills Used
- Model View View-Model Design
- Signal Processing
- git, GitHub, BitBucket, and SourceTree
Alpha Gamma Delta - Zeta Eta Chapter
Fall '20 - Present - Sister
- Attend and participate in sorority and chapter events, including philanthropic fundraisers every semester to fight hunger
- Engage with the community of and around RPI
- Maintain a GPA at or above 2.5
- Complete a minimum of 5 hours of community service every semester
- Attend mandatory Panhellenic events, including philanthropic activities, member development, community outreach, and recruitment
Spring '21 - Present - Director of New Member Experience
- Make sure New Members are well integrated into the sisterhood and engaged in activities
- Assist the VP of New Member experience in teaching new members what it means to be a sister of AGD through weekly lessons
- Keep track of new member and member pins
- Take attendance at all new member educational and ritual events
RPI Panhellenic Association
Spring '23 - Director of Accredidation
- Responsible for gathering quantitative and qualitative data on all of RPI's panhellenic sororities. Chapter profile is an internal report that all RPI's Greek organizations d every year in the interest of positive growth throughout our community.
Spring '22 - Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPIA)
- Responsible for drafting, streamlining, and updating the Rensselaer Panhellenic Association Bylaws so that they are in accordance with the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements, the Rensselaer Student Handbook, and the Statement of Relationship between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Social Fraternities and Sororities at Rensselaer
- Acts as co-chair of the Campus Greek Judicial Board
- Address both alleged recruitment and social infractions by directing involved parties through the judicial procedure
- Evaluate and advise regarding risk management protocols, and health and safety risks within the Panhellenic Community
- Record the minutes for all Rensselaer Panhellenic Association Regular and Special Meetings and distribute them to the Rensselaer Panhellenic Association
- Keep current statistics concerning the number of initiated members and new members of each Panhellenic Association member fraternity or sorority in accordance with the Office of the Fraternity and Sorority Life Commons
Spring '21 - Student Developer
- Worked with IBM Developers and team
- Ported Open Energy Dashboard, an open-source research project developed for the x86-64 architecture, to the s390x architecture for LinuxONE mainframe use
- Collaborated with IBMers to learn standard procedure for porting, git best practices, communicating effectively about the technology, and using the Linux kernel for remote development and testing
Union Show Techs (UST)
Fall '22 - Present - Sound Crew Chief
- Spring '20 - Present - Technician
- Set up and take down infastructure for shows and other events held by RPI Union- Funded clubs on campus
- Organize, maintain (including testing, building, and replacing), and know the function and proper use of, the organization's supply of audio and lighting equipment
Spring '20 - Summer '21 - Sound Administrator
- Organize events, distribute equipment to performers and directors, direct team communication, log hours of employees, and train new members on equipment
Techniques, Methodologies, and Skills Used
- Signal Processing
- Written and Oral Communication
- Performing in Fast-Paced Environments
Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute
Summer '20 - Research Associate
- Compiled data on degree and certificate programs about robotics and programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) throughout the Great Lakes region for a future central directory to connect robotics talent with hiring managers
- Focused on community outreach and eliminating classism in the robotics field
Skills and Methodologies
- googling
HASS Media Labs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Spring '21 - ARTS 4700 (Sound Recording and Production II) Teaching Assistant (TA)
- Lead class lab sections and studio sessions
- Assisted students with audio recording concepts and techniques, studio etiquette, navigating Pro Tools, and mixing and mastering music
- Teach students how to set up, handle, properly use, and take down studio equipment
- Maintain and safeguard all studio equipment
- Worked with Ross Rice on integrating Jack and Jack Trip (two more open source applications by the CCRMA at Stanford) into the HASS Studio
- ProTools
- Logic Pro X
- DadMan
- Jack and Jack Trip
Robotic Assistance with Activities of Daily Living for People with C4-C7 Spinal Cord Injury
Summer '18 - Research Associate
a Dr. Jon Wen Research Group Project, overseen at Tufts University by Dr. Bill Messner
- Programmed, designed, and built an automated Lazy Susan as part of a functional dining table (including an automated arm, a motorized x-y grid, and an AI-equipped camera), an integral part of a greater environment meant to assist people with spinal cord injury in daily activities
- Collaborated with other researchers on algorithms, machine design, and testing
- Arduino Uno board and language (Java Libraries)
Galileo Themed Summer Camps
Summer '19 - Camp Counsellor
- Led teams of 15 - 20 rising third and fourth-graders in classroom activities, during the day, and after the camp day concluded at aftercare
- Assisted in teaching introductory mechanical engineering skills through building projects, including an automata, a clock, and a lockbox with alarm monitoring and armed response)
- Taught my team interpersonal skills including conflict resolution, effective communication, and meaningful feedback
- Innovated with the campers using knowledge, mindset, and processes, to identify goals, generate ideas, design new projects, create, test designs, evaluate tests, and redesign.
animation of the word Alice